I am asked on a regular basis, "how did you learn to quilt so quickly?" That is a pretty loaded question. What often follows is a comment like, "I will never get it right." or "My quilting is awful, I don't even try anymore." 

The comment most recently, that stopped me in my tracks was from my own mother. She came for a visit right after I purchased my long arm. She had seen the work I was doing on my domestic and midarm, and after spending a day with me, she said, “I guess it is silly for me to purchase a longarm. I can’t ‘see’ it like you can. I will just get you to quilt all my quilts.”    

These comments truly break by heart! So, I have decided it is time to do something about it. Learning a motif and repeating it will only get you so far in your quilting skills...Yes, practice helps, but "HOW you practice" is more important than "that you practice."  

For 10+ years I succeessfully taught students to improve and master their pottery skills by teaching them to “feel” the clay in relationship to their body. After developing Tarlov Cysts and being required to give up pottery, I found quilting because I could “feel” the stitches like I did the clay.    

My new Quilt Yoga Class is born out of the same concept I used to teach pottery. We can teach our bodies to “feel” the movements and create more fluid and smooth quilting. It requires training in self-awareness and intentionality. It requires developing “your own practice,” just like in yoga. No two people will ever quilt exactly the same way, at least not well.    

This class uses multiple drills (or stretches if you will) to help participants develop their own “Quilt Yoga Practice” to match their own strengths and weaknesses for success. The way I quilt may not be the way you “should” quilt.    Drills are processed, and suggestions made for improvement. Together we will break down what feels natural or unnatural. We will discover when to stop and reset. We will discover how to center yourself to the machine AND within yourself before you even take a stitch.    

Participants will learn to use this new information to identify their optimal quilting posture and pose. You don’t have to “give up” or be afraid of the quilting…you can become one with it…just like breathing.     

If you would like to learn more, please email me at mitzie@jitterywings.com or leave a comment below. I am available to teach for your local guild or shop.  

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